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Our group founded the ECE Wiki at the University of Virginia. We regularly maintain pages on this wiki that provide many useful tutorials and links related to Integrated Circuit design.


Our group is a part of these centers:

ASSIST - an NSF nano Engineering Research Center (nERC)

UVA Wireless Health Center

We release software, tools, scripts etc. developed as part of our research projects here. The tools are released as free software under the GNU General Public license (GPL). We hope that you find these useful.


Technology Agnostic Simulation Environment (TASE)

Click HERE to download. If you have any trouble running TASE or have comments or feedback, you can submit it HERE

  • Create circuit simulation templates only once and run for any technology.
  • Ease porting designs to different technologies.
  • Observe circuit behavior and trends across technology nodes and across vendors within a technology node.
  • Quickly obtain initial device and SRAM characteristics for any new technology through I-V, leakage and noise margin plots.
  • Currently supports spectre simulations.

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