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D. Akella Kamakshi, Guo, X., Patel, H. N., Stan, M. R., and Calhoun, B. H., A post-silicon hold time closure technique using data-path tunable-buffers for variation-tolerance in sub-threshold designs, in 19th International Symposium on Quality Electronic Design (ISQED), 2018.
D. Kamakshi, Fojtik, M., Khailany, B., Kudva, S., Zhou, Y., and Calhoun, B. H., Modeling and Analysis of Power Supply Noise Tolerance with Fine-grained GALS Adaptive Clocks, in ASYNC, 2016.
A. D. Kamakshi, Shrivastava, A., and Calhoun, B. H., A 0.2 V, 23 nW CMOS Temperature Sensor for Ultra-Low-Power IoT Applications, J. Low Power Electron. Appl. (JLPEA), vol. 6, 2016.
S. Kamineni, Gupta, S., and Calhoun, B. H., MemGen: An Open-Source Framework for Autonomous Generation of Memory Macros, in IEEE Custom Integrated Circuits Conference (CICC), 2021.PDF icon kamineni2021.pdf (9.26 MB)
S. Kamineni, Sharma, A., Harjani, R., Sapatnekar, S. S., and Calhoun, B. H., AuxcellGen: A Framework for Autonomous Generation of Analog and Memory Unit Cells, in Design, Automation and Test in Europe Conference (DATE), 2023, 2023.PDF icon AuxcellGen-A Framework for Autonomous Generation of Analog and Memory Unit Cells.pdf (3.37 MB)
S. Khanna, Craig, K., Shakhsheer, Y., Arrabi, S., Lach, J., and Calhoun, B., Stepped Supply Voltage Switching for Energy Constrained Systems, in ISQED, 2011.
S. Khanna and Calhoun, B. H., Serial Sub-threshold Circuits for Ultra-Low-Power Systems, in International Symposium on Low Power Electronics and Design, 2009.
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A. Klinefelter, Roberts, N., Shakhsheer, Y., Gonzalez, P., Shrivastava, A., Roy, A., Craig, K., Faisal, M., Boley, J., Oh, S., Zhang, Y., Akella, D., Wentzloff, D. D., and Calhoun, B., A 6.45 μW Self-Powered IoT SoC with Integrated Energy-Harvesting Power Management and ULP Asymmetric Radios, in ISSCC, San Francisco, CA, 2015.
A. M. Klinefelter and Calhoun, B. H., A Programmable Multi-channel Sub-threshold FIR Filter for a Body Area Sensor Node. 2011.
A. Klinefelter, Ryan, J., Tschanz, J., and Calhoun, B. H., Error-Energy Analysis of Hardware Logarithmic Approximation Methods for Low Power Applications, in International Symposium on Circuits and Systems (ISCAS), 2015.
A. Klinefelter, Zhang, Y., Otis, B., and Calhoun, B. H., A Programmable 34 nW/Channel Sub-Threshold Signal Band Power Extractor on a Body Sensor Node SoC, Circuits and Systems II: Express Briefs, IEEE Transactions on, vol. 59, p. 941, 2012.
A. Klinefelter and Calhoun, B. H., A Reduced-Memory FIR Filter Using Approximate Coefficients for Ultra-Low Power SoCs, in S3S Conference, Monterey, CA, 2014.
A. Kosari, Breiholz, J., Liu, N. X., Calhoun, B. H., and Wentzloff, D. D., A 0.5 V 68 nW ECG Monitoring Analog Front-End for Arrhythmia Diagnosis, Journal of Low Power Electronics and Applications (JLPEA), 2018.