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A. Shrivastava, Pandey, J., Otis, B., and Calhoun, B. H., A 50nW, 100kbps Clock/Data Recovery Circuit in an FSK RF Receiver on a Body Sensor Node, in VLSI Design Conference, 2013.
Y. Zhang, Zhang, F., Shakhsheer, Y., Silver, J. D., Klinefelter, A., Nagaraju, M., Boley, J., Pandey, J., Shrivastava, A., Carlson, E. J., Wood, A., Calhoun, B. H., and Otis, B. P., A Batteryless 19 uW MICS/ISM-Band Energy Harvesting Body Sensor Node SoC for ExG Applications, Journal of Solid State Circuits, vol. 48, pp. 199-213, 2013.
A. Shrivastava and Calhoun, B. H., A DC-DC Converter Efficiency Model for System Level Analysis in Ultra Low Power Applications, 2013.
P. Beshay, Ryan, J. F., and Calhoun, B. H., A Digital Auto-Zeroing Circuit to Reduce Offset in Sub-threshold Sense Amplifiers, Journal of Low Power Electronics and Applications, 2013.
C. T. Murphy, Eberhardt, W. C., Calhoun, B. H., Mann, K. A., and Mann, D. A., Effect of Angle on Flow-Induced Vibrations of Pinniped Vibrissae, PLOS One, vol. Vol. 8, No. 7, 2013.
Y. Zhang and Calhoun, B. H., Hold Time Closure for Subthreshold Circuits Using a Two-Phase, Latch Based Timing Method, in S3S Conference, Monterey, California, 2013.
A. Banerjee and Calhoun, B. H., An Ultra Low Energy 9T Half-select-free Subthreshold SRAM bitcell, in S3S, Monterey, CA, 2013.
A. Shrivastava and Calhoun, B. H., A 150nW, 5ppm/oC, 100kHz On-Chip Clock Source for Ultra Low Power SoCs, in Custom Integrated Circuits Conference, San Jose, 2012.
L. Wang, Skadron, K., and Calhoun, B. H., Dark vs. Dim Silicon and Near-Threshold Computing, in Dark Silicon Workshop (DaSi), 2012.
B. H. Calhoun, Design Principles for Digital CMOS Integrated Circuit Design. NTS Press, 2012.
A. Shrivastava and Calhoun, B. H., Modeling DC-DC Converter Efficiency and Power Management in Ultra Low Power Systems, in Subthreshold Microelectronics Conference, 2012.
K. Craig, Shakhsheer, Y., and Calhoun, B. H., Optimal Power Switch Design for Dynamic Voltage Scaling from High Performance to Subthreshold Operation, in International Symposium on Low Power Electronics and Design, 2012.
A. Klinefelter, Zhang, Y., Otis, B., and Calhoun, B. H., A Programmable 34 nW/Channel Sub-Threshold Signal Band Power Extractor on a Body Sensor Node SoC, Circuits and Systems II: Express Briefs, IEEE Transactions on, vol. 59, p. 941, 2012.
K. Craig, Shakhsheer, Y., Khanna, S., Arrabi, S., Lach, J., Calhoun, B. H., and Kosonocky, S., A Programmable Resistive Power Grid for Post-Fabrication Flexibility and Energy Tradeoffs, in International Symposium on Low Power Electronics and Design, 2012.