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Y. Shakhsheer, Khanna, S., Craig, K., Arrabi, S., Lach, J., and Calhoun, B. H., A 90nm Data Flow Processor Demonstrating Fine Grained DVS for Energy Efficient Operation from 0.25V to 1.2V, in Custom Integrated Circuits Conference, San Jose, 2011.
J. F. Ryan, Khanna, S., and Calhoun, B. H., An Analytical Model for Performance Yield of Nanoscale SRAM Accounting for the Sense Amplifier Strobe Signal, in Internation Symposium on Lower Power Electronics and Design (ISLPED), 2011.
J. Boley, Calhoun, B. H., and Wang, J., Analyzing Subthreshold Bitcell Topologies and the Effects of Assist Methods on SRAM Vmin. 2011.
W. C. Eberhardt, Shakhsheer, Y. A., and Calhoun, B. H., A Bio-Inspired Artificial Whisker for Fluid Motion Sensing with Increased Sensitivity and Reliability, in IEEE Sensors, Limrick, Ireland, 2011.
B. H. Meyer, Calhoun, B. H., Lach, J. C., and Skadron, K., Cost-effective Safety and Fault Localization using Distributed Temporal Redundancy, CASES. 2011.
S. Nalam, Chandra, V., Aitken, R. C., and Calhoun, B. H., Dynamic Write Limited Minimum Operating Voltage for Nanoscale SRAM, in Design Automation and Test Europe (DATE), 2011.
J. Wang and Calhoun, B. H., Minimum Supply Voltage and Yield Estimation for Large SRAMs Under Parametric Variations, Transactions on VLSI Systems (TVLSI), 2011.
R. W. Mann, Hook, T. B., Nguyen, P., and Calhoun, B. H., Non-Random Device Mismatch Considerations in Nanoscale SRAM, IEEE Transactions of VLSI Systems (TVLSI), 2011.
A. M. Klinefelter and Calhoun, B. H., A Programmable Multi-channel Sub-threshold FIR Filter for a Body Area Sensor Node. 2011.
B. H. Meyer, Skadron, K., George, N., Calhoun, B. H., and Lach, J., Reducing the Cost of Redundant Execution in Safety-Critical Systems using Relaxed Dedication, in Design Automation and Test in Europe (DATE), 2011.
Y. Yu, Huang, J., Khanna, S., Calhoun, B. H., Lach, J., Shelat, A., and Evans, D., A Sub-0.5V Lattice-Based Public-Key Encryption Scheme for RFID Platforms in 130nm. 2011 Workshop on RFID Security, 2011.
S. N. Wooters, Cabe, A. C., Qi, Z., Wang, J., Mann, R. W., Calhoun, B. H., Stan, M. R., and Blalock, T. N., Tracking On-Chip Age Using Distributed, Embedded Sensors, Transactions on VLSI Systems (TVLSI), 2011.
B. H. Calhoun and Lach, J., What is a Body Sensor Network?, ACM / SIGDA Newsletter, vol. 41, 2011.