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Digitally Reconfigurable Bit-Level Duty-Cycled Wakeup and Data Receiver

A -108dBm sensitivity, 430MHz, 130nW-41µW, 6.25bps-4.2kbps, digitally tunable wake-up and data receiver in 65nm CMOS is presented. Employing 2-tone RF OOK modulation and an AlN MEMS resonator, the receiver attains close-in SIR of -25dB at 0.12% and far-out SIR of -28dB at 0.7% frequency offset from the carrier. Digitally configurable dynamic ranges of 11dB, 410X, 672X are achieved for sensitivity, power, and latency, respectively. The design receives data at a 4.2kbps bit-rate at - 108dBm sensitivity while consuming 41µW. The proposed WuRx is a highly reconfigurable and interference robust candidate for emerging ultra-long range IoT LPWAN applications.


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