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A COTS Based Low Power Wireless ECG Sensor

In this project, a low power wireless ECG sensor is implemented using commercial off the shelf (COTS) components. The resulting system can acquire and process ECG data and send it wirelessly to a basestation such as a handheld device. The picture shows the ECG sensor in operation, with the PDA plotting the real time ECG signal.

The COTS ECG sensor provides a flexible platform for exploring different low power design techniques and measuring data to analyze these methods. Especially of interest is wireless communication, which consumes the most power of any single component. We have explored the impact on the system of using different radios.

We have also developed a complete back end that couples to this ECG sensor. The back end software can run on a mobile device or a PC. It aggregates, stores, processes, and displays data transmitted by the ECG sensor, and it can support multiple concurrent users. Faculty: Travis Blalock, Ben Calhoun, Alf Weaver (CS) Students: Jonathan Bolus, Andrew Jurik

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