May 2012: Summer Internships

Jim, Yanqing, and Aatmesh are going for internship at ARM, Nvidia and Texas Instruments respectively.

April 2012: BASN Chip is a Presidential Poster Competition Finalist!

Our BASN chip is a Presidential Poster Competition Finalist! This competition recognizes outstanding and innovative research across the UVA research community.

Mar 2012: Paper wins the GomacTech-2011 Best Poster Paper Award

Our GOMACTech-11 paper entitled “A Sub-Threshold FPGA: Energy-Efficient Reconfigurable Logic” was selected for the Best Poster Paper AwardThis selection is based on ratings given by conference participants who voted on the papers they saw while attending GOMACTech-11.

Jan 2011: PDVS Team wins 2011 ISSCC/DAC Student Design Contest!

PDVS Team wins 2011 ISSCC/DAC Student Design Contest for their project "A 90nm CMOS Data Flow Processor using Fine Grained DVS for Energy Efficient Operation from 0.3V to 1.2V."

For information, see .

Dec 2010: TASE tool is now available for free download! Check it out!!!

TASE is released under the GNU GPL. It is free to use and distribute. Download it HERE

If you can use it to generate data that is useful for a publication, please cite our paper below.

Nalam, S.; Bhargava, M.; Ringgenberg, K.; Ken Mai; Calhoun, B.H.; , "A Technology-Agnostic Simulation Environment (TASE) for iterative custom IC design across processes," Computer Design, 2009. ICCD 2009. IEEE International Conference on , vol., no., pp.523-528, 4-7 Oct. 2009

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